Time to Greek Open 2020

For 10th consecutive year in Thessaloniki, an international dance competition will be held with many dance styles like Latin, Standard, Break Dance, Hip Hop, Oriental, Bollywood, Tribal Fusion, Contemporary, Modern, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Bachata, Cheerleaders, Showdance, with an approximate number of 2500 dancers from Greece and more than 25 countries from Europe.

The competition will be held at Dak Voula Patoulidou of Evosmos.


Saturday: *All Ladies Latin *Ζευγάρια Latin & Standard *Solo Latin *Salsa *Bachata *Formation
Sunday: *Hip Hop *Modern/Contemporary *Showdance *Streetdance *Majorette/Cheerleaders *Oriental *Bollywood *Tribal Fusion *Break Dance *Ballet *Disco Dance *Zombalatino *House Dance *Rock 'n' Roll

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